What’s On Regularly?

Are you a young Catholic and want to know what’s on for you to do?

Check out our map below, which shows you the youth groups that meet up regularly in the Diocese of Westminster. This is for those of you who want something regular, like once a week or month, and not simply a one-off eventTo see all the Catholic groups and organisations in the diocese that don’t necessarily meet up regularly, but may still have something for you, like a volunteer role, or a community to get involved in, check out our Groups page.

As a young Catholic in the diocese it can often be hard to realise just how much is going on. Most of us are barely aware of what happens in our own parish, let alone the diocese as a whole, and as such we can miss out on some fantastic opportunities for community, fellowship, support and prayer. To try and counter this, we are trying to build a database and map of all the youth activity in the diocese to help give you an idea of just how much is going on and how much you can get involved with.

Here we hope you can find locations and contacts for most of what is happening in the diocese related to youth, as well as a brief explanation for who it’s aimed at. All groups shown almost always are happy to take on further volunteers and are particularly happy for additional members to their group. Prior experience is not required for helping out at most these groups; however, it is always best to check beforehand. If you are over 18 working with those under 18, you will require a DBS check – something the parish or group in question will happily assist you with if you make contact.

Since youth groups (marked by blue tabs) generally working with under 18s, we have kept the details slightly reduced with regards to them for safeguarding purposes. However, the parish involved will be able to give further details and help to connect you to the necessary people in charge.

This is a mammoth task and a brilliant challenge we are facing is more and more groups keep being created, which means there is always more to add to this map. For this reason, you may notice a particular group or activity is missing. We would really appreciate your input by emailing us at youth@rcdow.org.uk to inform us of any regularly meeting groups that we may have missed, so that we can add them as soon as we have time to do so!