Public Speakers

A great speaker can be the difference between a young person losing the faith and embarking on a life-changing adventure with Christ. We have a variety of options to help you share your message in the public forum.

What it involves

Over the course of a year we run multiple events where we will have a variety of young people come to experience and learn more about the faith, such as The Summit and Resonate.

Our speakers either unpack different Church teachings or share inspirational stories from their own life. These talks are often a moment of clarity where, having heard and understood the truth of God’s love, young people will truly open their heart to God and experience the life-changing love first hand.

Talks need not necessarily be too long or short; the length of time will depend on what the schedule is for the particular event.

What we provide

We will provide you with all the information on the event which you are interested in speaking at. We’ll also provide you with any audio assistance that you may need, assuming the event is being run by us.


We have no age restriction when it comes to being a speaker. The only prerequisites are that you’re happy to talk in front of large groups of young people, you are comfortable and able to talk about the subject matter without confusing the young people, and you’re willing to commit to giving up time to come and give the talk.

What to do next

If you’re interested in becoming a public speaker, and finding out what events presently need them, please contact us at