Parish Youth Leader

Looking for new Catholic volunteering opportunities? Join Westminster Youth Ministry's team of volunteers in London and Hertfordshire.

Becoming a Parish Youth Leader is an excellent way to get involved in the life of the parish and to help the spiritual and social development of the local young people. With over 200 parishes in the Diocese of Westminster, each with its own personality, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved.

What it involves

Being a parish youth leader is a great privilege and responsibility, as you are responsible for helping the next generation mature into holy people, great role models and upstanding citizens.

Becoming a parish youth leader involves helping young people develop a sense of community and belonging in their parish, making new friends and being involved in activities such a Eucharistic adoration evenings, prayer sessions, games, sports, trips and more.

There are three types of parish youth leader: Paid full-time; Paid part-time; and Voluntary. The majority of what people do is voluntary. However, when full, or part, time opportunities become available, they will usually be displayed on the diocesan website.

What we provide

We will provide you with training days, face-to-face support, resources, an annual retreat, on-the-ground support and socials. You’ll also receive termly emails that will update you on new opportunities for you and your young people.

These will generally be events that are put on by either ourselves or other members of the Church, but there will also be the occasional opportunity for discounts or early booking for specific events.


The need to be an adult (aged 18+) who is either running, or trying to start to run, a youth group for your parish. You must also have completed a DBS check as part of safeguarding policy.

What do do next

If the role of Parish Youth Leader interests you, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Speak to your parish priest to ask about opportunities to start up a youth group.
  2. If there’s already one set up, speak to the existing parish youth leader about getting involved.
  3. If nothing exists and your parish priest is keen on you starting something, contact us and we will provide assistance. You can email us at