Online Content Creator

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Do you have a story you’d like to share with the world? We’re constantly on the lookout for great, new content for our website. If you have an interest in writing then get in contact with us and we can set about sharing your content on our platform.

What it involves

There are two areas of our website that are open to talented young Catholic writers: Voices and Saints.

Within Voices, we have sub-sections for News, Blogs, Videos, Lists, Quizzes, Promotions and Reviews. Some of these are updated more regularly than others, given the nature of our work, but we invite you to add content to any of these. So, perhaps you’d like to write about an event you went to – this would be a news item. Maybe you want to write a reflective blog or a poem. Perhaps you simply want to promote something, share a cool video you made, put together a listicle or quiz, or write a film or book review from a Catholic perspective.

In the Saints sub-section (part of Discover), we encourage you to write about your favourite saint – or any other saint that interests you – as long as we don’t have it already on our website! The usual format for writing a saints piece involves starting with an introduction to their life and history. This is followed by a reflection on why this saint is important and/or inspiring, concluding with a series of quotes or prayers to the saint.

Once you’ve written your piece for Voices or Saints, find any good pictures that you want to accompany your story. The ideal dimensions are 750×500 pixels; anything smaller will have to be stretched and it won’t look so good, whilst anything bigger may have to be cropped unless it’s the same 3×2 dimensions as the 750×500 size.

With your text and images, you’re ready to send us your content.

What we provide

We provide the platform (obviously!) and spelling and grammar checks. We’ll also add images to your piece if you can’t find any good ones.


You need to be 16+ years old, able to write well in English and ensure that your piece is written from a Catholic perspective.

What to do next

Write your piece, get some images and email us at We’ll then review it, let you know the decision and, assuming all is well, publish it and share it on our social media platforms.