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Music is a powerful way in which to communicate the transcendent mysteries of God and his Church. It provokes, encourages and manifests in the beholder a way in which to encounter Christ. As such, it is a vital mechanism of our ecclesial activity.

At St Pope John Paul II wrote in his Letter to Artists, “The Church needs musicians… The faith of countless believers has been nourished by melodies flowing from the hearts of other believers, either introduced into the liturgy or used as an aid to dignified worship.”

We want to ensure that the young people of our diocese who possess musical talent are given this opportunity, to be a force in the Church that nourishes our faith with music. We desire to give them a platform in order to practice and improve these types of skills, thus allowing them to be given their own voice and song, thereby evangelising with their God-given talents.

What it involves

We host regular events, such as The Summit, and are constantly on the look out for enthusiastic young musicians who can join in on the day and support us. This may require some pre-event practice sessions.

On a more regular basis, almost all parishes will be more than happy to have additional musicians join them and this is a brilliant place to begin to hone your talents as a praise and worship leader.

What we provide

If you’re singing at one of our events, we will provide the microphones and any other necessary equipment. If you’re playing an instrument at one of our events, you will need to bring your instrument, but we will provide stands for sheet music, speakers and whatever else is required.

The Music Ministry scholarship

We are very aware of the time and effort it takes to develop your skills as a musician. To help, every year we run a Music Ministry scholarship in partnership with musician and worship leader, Joe Wells. Those who sign on will learn all the skills they need to nurture their talent to an exceptional level.

This was exemplified by one of its past members coordinating and leading the music for over 200 people during Westminster Youth Ministry’s World Youth Day pilgrimage.

For further information about the scholarship click here.

If you’re excited and want to get involved in leading music, get in touch with Dominic at to be added to our musician list and find out about upcoming events.


All interested musicians will have to be willing to work in a team and attend practice sessions ahead of any events.

What to do next

If helping out as a musician or singers sounds good to you, here are some suggestions for what to do next:

  1. Look at our upcoming events, to see if we require any musical help.
  2. Get in contact with us at