Event Volunteer

Looking for new Catholic volunteering opportunities? Join Westminster Youth Ministry's team of volunteers in London and Hertfordshire.

Events are a cornerstone of our work, whether it be promoting other people’s events or organising our own in-house events. From parish youth evenings to international pilgrimages, we are always keen on receiving additional pairs of hands.

What it involves

Running events requires lots of jobs, from manning the tuck shop to being a small group leader. We often call upon young adults who feel called to helping out at these larger events to provide the best possible experience for the young people attending.

Some of the events that we run include:

  • The Summit – a termly event near Kings Cross St Pancras and Euston, with food, social time, games, a talk, praise & worship and adoration. This event usually requires volunteer support in the form of: musicians; a public speaker.
  • Music Ministry Day – an annual gathering of young people interested in developing their musical talents. This event usually requires volunteer support in the form of: talented musicians who can teach.
  • World Youth Day – an international pilgrimage in which millions of young Catholics from around the world come to meet each other and the Pope. This event usually requires volunteer support in the form of: group leaders; musicians.

What we provide

This depends greatly on the event. For example, in some cases it may be that we cover your travel expenses; in other cases, it may be that we provide some food.

We will usually provide some items, like a WYM t-shirt. But again, this depends on the nature of the event.


You need to be 16+ years old and, depending on the role, you may need a DBS check.

What to do next

If you would like to assist in our events, please contact Rebekah at youth@rcdow.org.uk, who will add you to our event volunteer network so you keep up to date with what events coming up will require volunteer support.