Youth Revival

Every third Saturday of the month from 2-5pm, Youth Revival takes place at the Centre for Youth Ministry.

What is Youth Revival?

YouthRivival2It’s a dynamic, enthusiastic group of young Catholics who gather together to share their faith, eat some food and have a bit of a laugh. Udokama, one of the group’s members, described the sessions saying, “They’re fun and relaxed but at the same time we learn so much about ourselves and others around us. I particularly like the fact that everyone is always so positive and friendly so that there is a comfortable atmosphere.”

What do you do?

Each session we have a different topic to explore. Last year we looked at a real range of subjects such as ‘Relationships and Purity’, ‘How to pray’, ‘Putting faith into action’ and ‘Being the person God created you to be’. “The sessions are quite deep and get us all to think about things we never would have thought about before”, said Udokama.

In our next session we will be exploring ‘Vocations’. We have a couple coming in to talk about their call to marriage and they’ll be under the spotlight as we quiz them with questions!

Food and Fun!

Oh yes! The sessions are fun filled; it’s the members that make it so! We often begin our sessions with a ridiculous game or challenge, and there is often food available, which is always a good thing! On special occasions we like to go out for a meal together – Nando’s is definitely one of our favourites!

“Youth Revival is a cool, free club which inspires us to be young Christian role models.”


Says Udokama, “Youth Revival is a cool, free club which inspires us to be young Christian role models. The sessions are educational, the rehearsals are fun, the music is lively and the food is tasty! Come along, check it out and you’ll never want to leave!”

So if you’re aged between 12-23 years then come and join us! It’s a wonderful opportunity to share and grow in your faith with other friendly, encouraging young Catholics.

For more info contact Christine at: or call: 0207 529 8637