World Youth Day is the celebration that never ends!

World Youth Day is an incredible opportunity to journey to a different part of the world and, in a way, discover a different part of yourself!

The world united through the Catholic Church
The world united through the Catholic Church

Why do I say that? I love pilgrimages. After having done a few of them, I’ve not only seen how unique each of them are, and how they can touch you in a very different way, but these experiences have helped me see how World Youth Day goes a “little bit” beyond.

There is so much energy around it! You feel that extra desire to share and be proud of your faith and the country you come from and/or live in. You learn geography by talking to all the other young people coming from all around the world, you witness how in spite of the many cultural differences we may have, we are all one, rejoicing in one vision: Following Christ!

WYD starts from the moment you say “Yes” to the pilgrimage and does not end when you return home, no! It’s not just a few days’ journey; you continue the celebration once you’re back home. You get to share your experience with your family, friends, your NEW friends through Facebook, your parish and, more than anything, with your relationship with God.

Rio 2013 was two years ago and I still feel in my heart the mission that was entrusted to me, and the other three million young people that were gathered at Copacabana beach, when Pope Francis said to us: “This is just the beginning, go and make disciples of all nations!”

Take the opportunity to be part of the next World Youth Day by joining Westminster’s pilgrimage here.