World Youth Day 2016 scouting trip

Phil returns from his scouting trip to Krakow, ahead of World Youth Day next year. Be sure to sign up for this incredible adventure!

WYDKrakowIt shows how fast time flies when you realise that Rio was eighteen months ago and yet we are now only 18 months from Krakow 2016; memories from Brazil live on and especially with my colleague James – but that’s another story entirely!

No sooner had the festive season ended then I hopped onto a plane for a whistle stop, 24 hour, trip to Krakow to see how things are progressing, and in particular to put the final touches to our Pilgrim package.

I arrived on 6 January, a public holiday in Poland, and on the same day that the World Youth Day official hymn was released. I was pretty unprepared for the -8 degrees temperature in Krakow and how a hat and gloves would have helped!

The city had a light covering of snow and there was ice everywhere but it was pretty clear that this is typical for the country at this time of year; so everyone was prepared and just pressed on regardless – unlike me as I slipped and slided and shivered like a buffoon.

It was wonderful though to meet one of our WYD travel partners on-site and to see the pilgrim accommodation; I was truly impressed with the quality of the rooms and the wider site infrastructure that has been made available for us. Bring a football as there’s an outside all-weather pitch that we can use too!

Pilgrim accommodation for WYD Krakow 2016
Pilgrim accommodation for WYD Krakow 2016

The walk from the accommodation to the old city is about 25 minutes and just another few minutes to Błonia Park; both areas being at the epicentre of the celebrations. We don’t know finer details yet but rest assured that we’re well-positioned to access all areas with ease.

We’ve now confirmed that the total cost for the Pilgrimage will be £750 and have a basic itinerary in place; we’ll fully participate in WYD’s Mission Week as we spend as few days in the Diocese of Łódź ahead of WYD proper. This will be a wonderful time to engage with the people of Poland and to share time alongside millions of people for around the world – and of course, to worship with our Holy Father.

Here’s the first phrase that you might find useful in Krakow; and I certainly would have: Jaka jest prognoza pogody?

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