Where Is Sergi Now? Former SPEC volunteer missionary shares his experience

In the first in our series looking back at past members of team, we introduce you to Sergi, a volunteer missionary with us from 2017-2018.

Former SPEC volunteer Sergi shares his experience (Photo: WYM)
Former SPEC volunteer Sergi shares his experience (Photo: WYM)

Hey, my name is Sergi, I am 24 and am originally from Spain. I was a volunteer missionary at SPEC from 2017-18.

I came to SPEC with the aim to improve my English. However, during this journey I learnt that it is God who sends you to the mission, who calls you by your name to do His will.

So, after the first month at SPEC, I realised that I was not there to improve my English, but to understand what it is to be a missionary.

Personally, because of SPEC, I’ve learnt that God works in me. It is God who has been opening ways to work in me, Jesus the friend that I can talk to every day, and the Holy Spirit who has been giving me strength to fight every daily battle.

The rhythm of prayer at SPEC has helped me to know more about how to talk to Him; the retreats have helped me to learn more things about Jesus, to learn from the students, and to discover more about myself while I was preparing my testimonies; and living my faith in an international community gave me awesome opportunities to learn from the others (cultural stuff, ways to pray, knowledge).

Now I am working and studying for a Master’s degree in Brighton. My life is pretty busy but, from the beginning, I have tried to keep a good rhythm of prayer, starting with Jesus in the morning and finishing the day with Him too.

Also, I found a parish with lots of young people. We are looking forward to working on some activities to glorify God, such as charity, youth ministry and Praise and Worship.

If you are thinking of joining SPEC, just do it! It is not only going to be fun to be with the young people, hang out with the other missionaries, have time to learn more about the Catholic Church or to fill a time gap in your life, but it will also be a personal encounter with Jesus Christ!

Imagine spending a year living in the same house where Jesus is living and having Adoration every day. Not all the retreat centres have this cool opportunity!