Theology of the Body coming up this month!

Join us next week for a Theology of the Body symposium, featuring Christopher West!

Guest speaker Christopher West giving a talk
Guest speaker Christopher West giving a talk

I don’t remember when I first heard of the Theology of the Body (TOB). I think it was about 10 years ago now and it has been slowly (but definitely) transforming how I think and how I live! This teaching of Saint John Paul II, about love, human identity and sexuality is changing me as a person because it is jam-packed with deep and real truths that I need to hear.

TOB speaks to me about what it means to be a woman, about what it means to be made in the image and likeness of God and also about how I am called to relate to other women, as my sisters and to men as brothers! It dares me to live with a pure heart – It calls me to a kind of love that understands the brokenness within myself and of humanity and yet longs to move into wholeness and freedom, and then it invites me to allow Christ to work within my heart to truly change me from the inside out.

I was fortunate to attend two TOB Conferences with Christopher West at the Theology of the Body Institute in Philadelphia (check it out here) and the desire to learn and to share with others grew in my heart. It is not quite possible to construct the exact same experience, but I am helping to run the Theology of the Body Symposium in London from 13th – 17th Jan, which has the same elements as the conference in Philadelphia and will certainly be a life-changing few days together:

  • Excellent Teaching
  • Moments for prayer and Worship
  • Workshops to discuss current issues
  • Opportunities to meet like-minded people

In all honesty, the reason that I got so much from the conference in Philadelphia is that Jesus is at the very heart! The Gospel message is not about sex and marriage; the Gospel message is about God coming to save us from our sin and to show us how to live fully, joyfully and freely.

If you are searching for more of the Lord, if you long to love yourself and others more, if you want to share answers with friends and family, then do consider attending the Symposium. There are still very limited spaces left. To enquire about booking contact St Patricks Soho.

To register for the Christopher West talk on Jan 13th, St Patrick’s Church, Soho, London 6:30-8pm (doors open at 6pm) send an email to Places are limited and registering in advance is required.

Fiona Mansford, Pure in Heart