The SPEC Retreat Centre is closed to visitors

In line with government advice in relation to minimizing the risk of coronavirus contamination, the SPEC Retreat Centre is closed to visitors until further notice.

Due to the coronavirus all activities involving social interactions at Westminster Youth Ministry, including retreats at the SPEC Retreat Centre, have been cancelled until further notice.

This is in line with government advice in relation to minimizing the risk of coronavirus contamination and the introduction of social distancing across schools and parishes in the Diocese of Westminster. We will review the situation over the coming weeks, based on the guidance provided by the government, and hope to resume our activities as soon as this will be possible.

Although we need to close the volunteering programme at the SPEC Retreat Centre for this academic year, a small community of retreat leaders and volunteers who were unable to return to their countries remain living at the centre and offer online support and activities for young people across the diocese and beyond. Please browse our website and follow us on social media if you would like to participate. 

The Catholic Church has now entered the period of Easter. For all of us this was a kind of Easter that we have never experienced, and it may be difficult to refer to it as a ‘happy’ Easter.  On the other hand, although we did not have chance to go to Church and/or participate in person in the usual religious celebrations, we did however have chance to come together as families to celebrate Easter; and virtually online with friends.

In some way I find it hard not to draw comparisons with the times of the resurrection of Christ and the apostles and women finding an empty tomb.  They became confused and scared, starting to wonder what would happen next only to realise that there was hope and that the Lord is truly risen and among us.

During this period of isolation and social distancing let’s take this opportunity to draw closer to God.  We all get bored and fed up but, on the other hand, we can choose to be curious and try to find out about Easter, about the empty tomb and what it really means for humanity and all of us.  It is also chance to reflect and grow with family or those we live with as the living Church.  Anyone can take lead on this and we are all invited to do so.

The choice is ours.

Andrzej Wdowiak