SPEC Re-opens for Residential Retreats

We invite all schools to begin booking for our residential retreats at SPEC.

The SPEC community with Bishop John Sherrington (Photo: WYM)
The SPEC community with Bishop John Sherrington (Photo: WYM)

I am pleased to announce that SPEC, the Diocese of Westminster youth retreat centre, re-opens for residential retreats in September 2017 and we are now taking bookings.

Much has happened over the last few years as we have prepared the way for our truly wonderful new campus to be established.

Here at Pinner, we have our beautiful legacy buildings dating back 400 years acting as a backdrop to our work and seven acres of garden adding space and diversity to the retreat experience. The Chapel remains at the heart of our Mission.

Our new additions are a large round building (the Rotunda), which can accommodate upwards of 100 people, and is set to host large gatherings in a range of formats and incorporates full audio-visual capability.

The rising of our new residential complex has been wonderful to watch and it will be ready next Spring for some trial activities. The complex can accommodate two concurrent groups of 32 students and we have a range of small, medium and large gathering spaces ready to offer a range of experiences. The bedrooms are a mix of twin-bedded and multi-bedded rooms and we have taken all potential combinations into our thinking in developing the internal structure.

Our coffee shop brings a relaxed feel and WiFi will be on tap so you’ll be fully connected.

One of our wooden cabins in the grounds has been refurbished and offers a secluded beautiful space for students to take time out during their retreat.

We have planned two open days on 6 and 20 February and I’d love to welcome one of your team to Pinner to chat more about SPEC.

If you would like to hear more about our plans, arrange a booking or have some time to drop by at any stage to have a look around, please do contact us.

You can also look at our SPEC 2017 flyer online, for more information.