Saint Faustina dancing at Copacabana

Polish Senator Dorota Czudowska talks about her experiences of going to World Youth Day!

Polish pilgrims at the last World Youth Day
Polish pilgrims at the last World Youth Day

It’s a Sunday afternoon in August of 2011. I’m driving from Legnica to my family hometown in New Czaple; my 94 year old father is there waiting for me. Radio Maria is reporting about the end of World Youth Day in Madrid. Great enthusiasm and beautiful songs. I remember the emotion and some grief in my soul that during my youth there were no days like that; there was no such meeting.

When Pope Benedict XVI invited everyone to the next WYD in Rio de Janeiro, I heard the joyful applause of the youth; suddenly I felt very young and I also felt invited.

After the announcement was made by the Holy Father that the next WYD will be held in Krakow, at the end of the Holy Mass, the whole beach started dancing to Brazilian musical rhythms. Pilgrims young and old (me too), priests and nuns were dancing; even bishops were dancing, as the big screens were showing.

At one point, to the rhythm of samba, I saw on the big screen Saint Faustina’s face dancing too – it was from an image held in the hands of someone dancing. It’s a great and joyous thought that in three years those pilgrims will come to Krakow, where it will not be possible to skip Lagiewniki in their pilgrimage. Together with our Saint John Paul II, Saint Faustina will be waiting with warm, open arms – just as in Brazil, with Christ from the hilltop of Corcovado…

Dorota Czudowska is a medical oncologist and a senator of the Republic of Poland. Read the rest of her story by buying the book here!