Questions for the Cardinal (part 1)

Cardinal Vincent talks about his first time in the Holy Land, as well as what part of the pilgrimage he’s most looking forward to.

When was your first trip to the Holy Land?

“I first went to the Holy Land in 1968 when the situation was very different to now. There was real military tension and I was often travelling on my own as a student. It was a fascinating visit which included some dangerous moments. I am glad for that experience, and I am glad that now many, many pilgrims can travel to the Holy Land in safety and enjoyment.”

Cardinal Vincent Nichols in the Holy Land

What part of the pilgrimage are you most looking forward to?

“The two places I enjoy the most are, in Jerusalem, the Mount of Olives and the Church of the Temptations of Our Lord. There we sense such peace mingled with sadness as we think of the agony of Jesus and understand afresh that he underwent all of this for us. Then secondly I look forward to being on the Mount of the Beatitudes, where the silence can be really deep. There we learn again of the beauty of the teaching of the Beatitudes, which are really our ‘handbook’ for living a Christian life.”

The Temple Mount

The next instalment of Cardinal Vincent’s experiences will be next week, so be sure to next it out! If you’re interested in being part of our exciting youth pilgrimage to the Holy Land this year, contact us at