Questions for the Cardinal (part 2)

Cardinal Vincent talks about the importance of young people visiting the Holy Land, as well as what kind of spiritual preparation they could do.

Why do you think it’s important that young people should visit the Holy Land?

“Visiting the Holy Land is a unique experience because you walk on the same ground that our Lord, in his divinity and his humanity, walked on 2000 years ago.  You get to experience his earthly life: the place where he was born, raised as a child, applied his trade and carried out his ministry and died on the cross for us; whilst at the same time you can witness his divinity, by visiting the sites of his miracles: the Sea of Galilee, Bethany and Jerusalem, the place of his Resurrection from the dead.

“There is no more important place of pilgrimage in which to understand the foundations of our Christian faith and way of life.”

Sunset over the Sea of Galilee
Sunset over the Sea of Galilee

We’ll be retracing the life of Jesus during the pilgrimage; what kind of spiritual preparation would you recommend for young people in anticipation of their arrival?

“I think to fully enter into the experience of visiting the Holy Land, I would recommend that you take some time to read the Bible passages relating to the sites that we will be visiting, such as the passages of the Last Supper for the visit to the Upper Room or Jesus’ agony in the Garden of Gethsemane for the visit to the Mount of Olives. I think this will help you to enter into the prayerfulness of those places and be able to imagine the events that took place there two thousand years ago.”

Westminster Youth Ministry’s Rebekah reflecting in the Garden of Gethsemane

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