An Ode to my Catholic faith

James expresses his sentiments towards his faith in poetry.

Oh wonderful Catholic faith of mine,
How historically deep, with foundations divine.
You’ve inspired me since I was very small,
And led me on the greatest adventure of all.

I marvel at the cathedrals you’ve built,
Which show no signs that they’ll ever wilt.
Just as there seems to be no end to your clock,
You stand tall forever, built on a rock.

Indeed, so much more I could say of your art,
But isn’t that really just a small part?
With your science, philosophy and teaching as proof,
You lead the way in the search for truth.

From Aquinas and Augustine, to Therese of Lisieux,
Your saints inspire me to live life anew.
For it is holiness that I claim as my cause –
Could there be greater reason for applause?

Yet despite living in a time of great surplus,
It’s ironic that so many struggle to find purpose!
This is why we need you to shine so bright,
Because you are the beacon, the guiding light.

And in that search for the meaning of life,
You led me to discover my future wife.
Married to her in a far-away land,
How blessed I was, to receive that gold band.

Together we journey, spouse in hand,
To overcome sin and all that is bland.
For heaven is our goal, our final destination,
To become members of that eternal nation.

But getting there isn’t easy, the struggle is real,
Which is why I must make a great appeal,
To the font of all holiness, the foundation of life;
To your source, Lord Jesus, our help amid strife.

And so in closing, oh Jesus, help me to do right,
To be guided by wisdom, truth and your light.
Always searching for that which lies above,
To one day live in your eternal Love.