Movie Review: Cinderella

Arianna reviews the new movie Cinderella, talking about the Christian message within the timeless tale.

Cinderella, rescued by love
Cinderella, rescued by love

Yesterday, I went with some friends to see Cinderella. I know the story is for children, but being a big fan of Disney I was excited to go. The film still follows the original story, complete with Gus Gus the mouse. A personal highlight.

I really enjoyed the film, not just for the magic and princess and the mice but also for the profound messages it told. Fr Robert Barron has done a video describing the Christian allegory shown through the story, highlighting how “the lovesick prince sought Cinderella desperately until he found her and married her” symbolising how Christ is continually seeking those He loves. Jesus is seeking us with such a great desire to fill us with His love; to bring us to Him, for in Him is all we need. And who doesn’t need to hear that regularly?!

I also loved the link between the prince loving Cinderella despite her lack of nobility or family and God’s unconditional love for us despite our sin and our turning away from him. The Prince rescued Cinderella from her stepmother and brought her to live in a kingdom where they lived a life of exchanging love. Christ too rescues us from all that takes away our freedom to live as children of God and invites us to live with Him and live a life of love. It was precisely the prince’s “love that made Cinderella a Princess.” *heart swoon*

My favourite line of the film though has to be “perhaps the greatest risk any of us will ever take is to be seen for who we truly are.” We do worry about what people may think of us, but ultimately we are created with beautiful qualities that make us unique and add something to this world that wasn’t there before. So when we hide ourselves this world is lacking something. St Irenaeus said “The glory of God is man fully alive.” Cinderella, despite her fear, comes to the prince as she is, in her dirty rags and low social position, trusting that he will love her. What a beautiful and healing concept, that we too can come to Jesus just as we are with all our fears, worries and brokenness with the assurance that He loves us more than we can ever know.

Go see the film, it has all the feels.