Make a huge step and change lives – Become a Volunteer Missionary at SPEC

We’re now recruiting for volunteers to join our SPEC residential retreat centre for young people, for 2017-18.

SPEC volunteer missionaries (Photo: SPEC)
SPEC volunteer missionaries (Photo: SPEC)

The Diocese of Westminster retreat centre for young people SPEC is now looking to recruit 14 volunteer missionaries for the academic year commencing September 2017. If you’re between 18-25 approximately and want one of the most fulfilling times of your life then maybe this is the place for you.

SPEC has been a part of the youth service initiatives for over 25 years, moving to Pinner four years ago.

Pinner is in north west London, close to Harrow and sits on the Metropolitan Line, so easily reached by public transport.

Set amongst simply stunning grounds, SPEC provides retreats to young people arriving from schools and parishes from across the diocese and much of our success is underpinned by a small army of committed missionaries.

Each year we get cracking with a recruitment drive about this time, but this year we have an additional exciting consideration.

From September 2017, we begin to offer residential retreats as our new residential complex will be good to go. The complex becomes the centre-piece of our campus and we are truly blessed to have such a state-of-the-art facility within our reach. We also have a fully refurbished and equally beautiful round building and a stunning and totally re-built cabin sat in a secluded part of the grounds.

As a Volunteer Missionary, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your faith life in a community setting as we journey together. The personal formation and spiritual development of our missionaries is very much at the heart of our mission. We strive to be a formation house out of which our ministry with the young people flows. We want to enter into the new evangelisation by taking ownership of our faith and allowing God to use that to bring us fully alive as we pour out to the young people that come here.

Of course, you’ll learn a raft of new and valuable career and life skills, with leadership, time management and group facilitation at the forefront of your own personal development programme.

To make your stay as comfortable as possible, all our volunteer missionaries have lovely bedrooms, are fully catered for and receive a monthly allowance.

We would like to think that all our missionaries reflect on the potentially life-changing opportunity that SPEC presents. Please read below some testimonies from previous missionaries at SPEC.

Give it some thought, pray into it and then give us a shout.

“Going to SPEC was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I can’t even begin to describe just how fun and fruitful it was. I grew in my faith, made fantastic friends and developed a load of skills… ranging from public speaking to archery! For me it was a phenomenal year and I couldn’t recommend it enough.” Christine, Trainee Nurse

“Doing a mission year at SPEC was incredible. Not only have I made friends for life but I have grown massively in my own faith and learned lots of useful skills and gained knowledge that helped me get a full time job in youth ministry. At SPEC, the formation/training was fantastic and I left knowing not only had I helped make a difference in thousands of young people’s lives but had also learned invaluable skills that have consistently helped me both working with young people and adults in almost any situation.” Callum, Youth Worker

“It’s safe to say I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for SPEC. Living in the SPEC community for two years was such a blessing and of course Jesus knew it was the place for me to be. I learnt so much more about my faith and not just in terms of Catechesis but in a really spiritual and personal level. I found so much at SPEC, Jesus, Vocation, Family and Friends and Peace.” Tom, School Chaplain