Introducing t! Magazine

Christine reviews t! Magazine – an exciting magazine for teenage girls interested in something more substantive than the usual superficial stuff.

t! Magazine - for teenage girls looking for something better to read
t! Magazine – for teenage girls looking for something better to read

t! magazine is a great London-based lifestyle magazine for girls. The glossy, 100-page magazine features interviews, fashion, health, beauty and current affairs. As I flicked through the January and February issues I got hooked on the different articles.

One piece of literature that had me laughing aloud was on ‘the quirks of being a Brit’. It accurately described the British stereotype, with amusing anecdotes about tea-drinking habits and the innate nature to queue and apologise, all of which seemed to echo my own strange ways! There are also loads of great ideas for what to do in and around London, amusing quizzes and insightful advice pages. The book and film reviews, beauty and fashion tips and engaging stories about people’s lives all combine to make an overall fantastic, engaging read.

Enjoying a copy of t! Magazine
Enjoying a copy of t! Magazine

For me, one of the best aspects of the magazine is its authenticity; real life stories with relatable situations, and constructive advice that actually helps! It’s refreshingly different to so many other magazines that churn out a tonne of that superficial stuff.

One of the secrets behind the quality of the magazine’s content is that it was started up by teenagers for teenagers! The writers know what their readers are really interested in, and wow do they deliver!

The Tamzin Media Trust is the charity that is responsible for t! Magazine. Alongside this project they offer young people the unique opportunity to get some hands-on experience, further their career opportunities and work with professionals in the media industry. The week-long courses they run throughout the year are for students aged 16+.