Good at writing? Have your say!

Young Catholics of Westminster and beyond! Do you have an interest in writing and would like to become a contributor to our news and blogs? If so, let us know! We want to hear from you.

Get involved with Westminster Youth Ministry!
Get involved with Westminster Youth Ministry!

As we continue to develop our website, we think it would be cool for more young Catholics to get their voices heard. Whether you’re at school, university, working or are currently volunteering in the Galapagos Islands, we want to hear your voice.

You may have an interesting faith-based project you’d like to share with the world. Perhaps you’re a budding reporter and would like a platform from which to get your news out. Or maybe you are full of interesting thoughts and reflections that you’d like to write about as a blog. Whatever the case, don’t hesitate to contact us!

The areas we are interested in are:

News reporting >

If you have any faith-based news from your parish, school, community, group of friends or whatever, then let us know. We want to build a growing community and support network for young Catholics in London, Hertfordshire and beyond, and sharing our news with each other is one of the ways to make this happen.

Blogging >

For those of you with a lot on their mind, share it with us and become a guest contributor!

Promotions >

Do you have an upcoming event in the diocese that you’d like us to promote? Perhaps there’s a Catholic job opportunity opening up and you’d like us to promote it. Maybe you have a petition you’d like us to help get the word out about! This is the place for your promotions.

Reviews >

If you’ve read a great book, seen a cool movie, or anything else that could be reviewed, tell us! We’re always keen on sharing what we’ve been reading, watching, learning (but not smelling…).

Making Lists >

We want to grow a cool library of lists. For example, Seven Great Quotes by Benedict XVI. But it doesn’t have to be just quotes. It can be cool churches to visit in Rome, great Christian songs, different ways to make Christmas decorations. This list of options is potentially limitless!

The above five sections are what we’re currently focused on, but if you have a cool and creative idea for a new section, then let us know. We’re happy to hear your suggestions.

For more information on getting involved in writing, contact us at Or send us a Facebook message or tweet!