From Gangland to Promised Land

Phil reviews ‘From Gangland to Promised Land’ – a book that changed his life.

GanglandI was starting to think about a book to read for the summer holidays a couple of weeks ago and opted to revisit John Pridmore’s – Gangland to Promised Land.

The book first arrived into my consciousness a couple of years ago when I was still busying myself in civi-street; I suppose you could say that I had a very typical nine-to-five office job at the time and it was the Summer of 2012.

My son passed me John’s book one day as I was haring out of our home to head to work, and I was oblivious to it’s content; my only concern was that I’d just finished a book on psychology (one of Andrew’s A Level course books) and needed something for the tube.

The title of John Pridmore’s book suggested an interesting read but gave no real clue to the journey of faith that I was just about to encounter. I wont reveal too much as I don’t want to have a ‘spoiler’ tag against my name but would encourage you to give it a go. It is wonderful.

John’s journey of faith is a joy to witness and it unfolds in a real life situation; and by real life i guess I mean an UNREAL life; his early days were challenging and his living environment placed him in some very difficult situations. What becomes clear is that John has faith in his life but that it was hidden from sight for many years – eventually returning to his heart and enabling him to make peace with himself. I will say no more as I’m already giving too much away!

What is clear to me though is that my own journey, albeit less complex that John’s, has a similar feel, in that, I also did some searching over many years, eventually found my faith and when it was in my possession lost no time in using it for good.

John works tireless now across a number of projects and I aspire to match his energy and to quote Catherine of Siena ‘ If you do what God intended you to do you will set the world ablaze’.

God reveals himself to us often when we least expect it.