Flame 2 ticket sales soaring!

Ticket sales are soaring for Westminster Youth Ministry ahead of Flame 2 this Saturday at Wembley Arena!

Westminster will be making up a large proportion of the Flame 2 attendees
Westminster will be making up a large proportion of the Flame 2 attendees

The youth service is at the epicentre of a ticket and t-shirt vortex, as ever more young people ask if they can join the Flame 2 celebrations at Wembley this coming weekend. Nothing like leaving it late – but, as far as we are concerned, it’s never too late!!

Every morning for the last two weeks we’ve held a ‘crisis’ team meeting at the Centre for Youth Ministry; how many more tickets do we need after more overnight requests? Have we enough t-shirts left? How do we get the tickets and t-shirts to the attendees?

We have run out of t-shirts twice now but we are determined that there will be a sea of red in the arena on Saturday, so we restock as we go.

Back on 11 February, I tweeted a hope that our 700 Westminster attendees would be joined by a few more, but little did I know!

Feb 11:

We’re up to 700 attending and numbers continue to grow – 800 anyone? #flame #dowym

In the three weeks that have followed that tweet, the youth of Westminster have woken from their slumber and ticket sales have soared – we passed 800 on 23 February and flew through the 900 barrier a couple of days later.

More furious contact from those wishing to attend and before you know it we’ve hit the magical 1,000 – no time to celebrate as more request are coming in and we have more t-shirts to get out of the doors!!

Fr Dominic Howarth has been calmness personified as he deals with our daily requests and we are eternally grateful for his support.

1,100 anyone?

If you can’t make it to the event this Saturday, you can stay up to date with everything we’re doing via our Social Media Wall.