Don Bosco brought to Life in Westminster

Led by the Salesians, and inspired by the great work of RISE Theatre, the life of Saint Don Bosco filled the hall of Westminster Youth Ministry yesterday.

The life of Don Bosco being performed by RISE Theatre
The life of Don Bosco being performed by RISE Theatre

What a truly cracking day!

Yesterday, the Salesians UK, led by Gerry Kehoe, brought the life of Don Bosco to Centre for Youth Ministry, for the Westminster leg of the saint’s Bi-Centennial expo. We we were truly honoured to have the opportunity to host such a wonderful reflection on the life of our patron saint.

Our friends at Rise Theatre delivered a stunning performance – with John and Hannah guiding us through Don Bosco’s life with tenderness, poignancy and strength; they were truly on the top of their game. A particular highlight was the moving account of Don Bosco with a young boy in his final hours before he was executed; very moving and powerful performances.

Looking at the 'Vision of Life' photographic displays
Looking at the ‘Vision of Life’ photographic displays

Throughout the entire proceedings, there was a photographic exhibition, which was magnificent. Given how it was woven into the hall, it brought an intimacy to the entire event. We were surrounded!

The Q&A session with Fr Martin Coyle was an opportunity for us to understand more about the Salesian life and proved to be very busy and interesting. We concluded the day with a few minutes of quiet prayer time – the perfect end to a lovely day.

If you get the chance to see the Expo then do; it’s an experience not to miss, about a great and inspiring saint for the youth.

I must also thank the team from SPEC for helping us make sure that the day ran smoothly. As ever, their hard-work and dedication was wonderful.