Cardinal Vincent meets with Young Adults of Westminster

A group of young adults met with the Cardinal at Archbishop’s House in Westminster to share their thoughts about being a young Catholic today.

A couple of nights ago, I had a fantastic experience where I joined around 40 young adults from across the diocese to come together to share our experiences of life, faith and the Church with Cardinal Vincent Nichols.

Beginning with food and tea, there was a great atmosphere as people mingled together and listened to one another’s stories. After a brief introduction, we were then asked questions by the Cardinal which went right to the heart of what we valued, believed in and struggled with. We discussed these questions with those we were sat near and then fed back our thoughts to him.

I found these conversations to be incredibly interesting and I really valued the opportunity to share our thoughts with the Cardinal. There were a wide range of personalities in my group and this led to some beautiful conversations where, even when people were not always in agreement, everyone listened respectfully and empathised with where the other was coming from.

When it came to bringing our opinions to the Cardinal, what struck me most was the honesty with which fellow young adults shared, and the genuine nature the Cardinal showed in listening to both positive and negative feedback. The whole evening was a great opportunity for a dialog which I’d never expected to experience and a great start to many new friendships.

After a final thanks and blessing from the Cardinal, the evening continued with a merry visit to the pub. Here many of us and clergy alike went to continue sharing in productive dialog and the joy of friendship! I had a fantastic time and would thoroughly recommend others to attend one of the upcoming evenings.

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For more photos of the event, click here. Video footage from the event, including thoughts from the young adults, is on its way.