Canonisation Eve!

One day before the historic event and the whole of central Rome is buzzing with pilgrims from all around the world. At our accommodation, more Brazilians and Polish people have arrived, and, as of writing, my stomach is full of amazing food from a Brazilian woman here.

One of the many uber-packed gift shops in Rome
One of the many uber-packed gift shops in Rome

Today, our group went for a World Youth Day reunion. We met up at St Peter’s Square and ended up taking loads of photos with loads of people. We decided to get lunch somewhere and, as we made our way to our destination, we kept bumping into more and more people that we knew. In the end, we arrived at the restaurant with about 30 people waiting to make their order to the poor waiter!

After lots of chatting and laughing, a bunch of us went to a souvenir shop and spent what must have been close to an hour looking at all the things on offer. Naturally, there were many things relating to John Paul II and John XXIII. The shop was packed with people, and there was a queue waiting to get inside. It was kinda like the Catholic version of an Apple store launch!

After buying are items, we slowly made our way back to our accommodation; saying goodbye to friends and keeping an eye on the ominous-looking clouds approaching us.

It did start to rain, but in this time we had dinner and organised what the plan would be in the night.

Which brings me to the present moment. Because of the massive international scale of the event, we’re planning to leave our place at 3am, in order to get there way in advance. In may be in vain, as I suspect many other people have thought the same, but we’ll see how it goes.

Tonight is colder than yesterday, so it’s time to prepare, wrap up tightly and prepare for a sleepless, but unforgettable, night!