Calling Young Voices

Recent chats around the dinner table have got Phil thinking – we need to hear the voices of more young people!

Young Catholic speaker, Lila Rose
Young Catholic speaker, Lila Rose

Throughout Easter my two kids were at home; my son, Andrew, back from university for a couple of weeks and my daughter, Frances, back after a two-year stint at SPEC. It was wonderful to have them back in the fold – except for the increased washing etc!

What did resonate were the family debates we had – often totally random but often truly meaningful, generally out of nowhere and usually involving my kids exhibiting wisdom beyond my expectations.

Over dinner of late, we have discussed ISIS and the Christian crisis in the Middle East and last night it was the general election. With the general election, I was displaying typical middle-age jaundice – “What’s the point etc!” My children riled against me in unison – “You have to vote and even if your vote doesn’t lead to your chosen party taking power, it’s your duty to do you bit!” Crikey.

This had me thinking; where are the young voices as we need to hear them. We need some commentators to help us build a youth debating chamber – to understand more about your approach to the world today, to life, to friendship, to your faith and to help us understand your views.

I’m sure that there are plenty of young adults and young people who have a voice – my recent experience tells me that they have!


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