Building up to World Youth Day

Things are beginning to crank up for this summer’s main event!

Pope Francis with young people at World Youth Day
Pope Francis with young people at World Youth Day

As the nights start to shorten and the days lengthen, minds start to turn to the spring and summer and with a far more positive outlook (winter is certainly my least favourite season). Sun for me every time!

This year, I am a tad overwhelmed, in an optimistic style, by the prospects of leading our pilgrimage to World Youth Day.

The WYM team is already in an accelerated mode as we try to orchestrate all manner of other projects, but still keep some energy aside for the Polish journey.

Our plans are very much at an advanced stage, and an upcoming trip to Łódź and Kraków will help us get a better feel for the work underway with our friends in Poland; news is very encouraging but you can’t beat seeing progress for yourself!

The programme in Łódź and Kraków has been completed and we have Westminster Masses in both cities already arranged. We are blessed that Bishop John Sherrington and Cardinal Vincent Nichols are leading Masses for the group in our home Polish cities and this will be great encouragement for the group.

We are relishing our call into Jasna Gora, on route from Łódź to Kraków, and we recognise that this is a rare opportunity for the group to visit one of Poland’s most revered sites. Mass in the basilica will cap our time in Częstochowa, itself a unique and blessed time of tranquility amidst the colour and noise of World Youth Day.

World Youth Day this year is on our doorstep and we will be very much amongst friends, so I would truly encourage you to join us and encourage you to encourage others to join us – why not this time?

Come along to our meeting on Thursday 25 February if you are still wavering or call me or one of the team for more information – closing date in early May so you still have time!

Love and prayers.