Building Developments continue on Schedule

Phil talks about the latest building developments at the SPEC Residential Retreat Centre.

The new residential building at SPEC in development (Photo: SPEC)
The new residential building at SPEC in development (Photo: SPEC)

I now live at SPEC in Pinner with my wife Ann and son Andrew, so I’m perfectly placed to watch the building works taking shape around me. It’s pretty difficult to not have a quick look each day to see what progress has been made – things are moving very fast now!

To be perfectly honest, it’s really exciting if you’re into building developments to witness structures lift from the plan and start to take shape in the real world.

Just now, the new residential complex has walls, ceilings and a roof, and the building team are starting work on cabling and windows. We can visualise the kitchen, the refectory, our range of small and large group meeting rooms and the en-suite bedrooms – it’s going to look just wonderful when it’s all completed.

Add in a state-of-the-art audio/visual capability throughout the building and the whole package will be stunning. What a place to visit on retreat I say!

The new residential complex will be ready in June. Our official opening is pencilled for July.

The Rotunda, our round conference suite, retains all its legacy perspective but with it’s beautiful wooden floor and wooden Gulam ceiling the final effect will just be magnificent. It’s just perfect for our school and parish retreats but also ideal as a venue for local community activities. Swing dancing anyone?

The Rotunda will be ready in the Spring.

Finally, we’re refurbishing one of our garden cabins (called a Poustinia). Situated in a secluded part of the grounds, it will be a venue for music and art, and an ideal place to take time out and reflect away from the normal busyness of life. Perfect for desert days.

The Poustinia will be ready in July.

We are blessed to be the custodians of the SPEC campus and the seven acres of glorious garden is simply the icing on the cake.

We’d love to welcome visitors to our home, so do just drop me an email and we’ll arrange a tour.