5 Reasons Chastity isn’t just for Virgins

Esther talks about how chastity isn’t just for virgins – it’s a lifestyle that can be chosen at any point, regardless of what’s happened before in your life.


“When you decide firmly to lead a clean life, chastity will not be a burden on you: it will be a crown of triumph.”

St Josemaría Escrivá

If you’ve ever lost your way on the purity front, you’ll no doubt be familiar with that feeling of sitting in the chastity talk at school just wishing the ground would swallow you up. I’ve been there, I know how you feel.

For a start, hearing how important it is to protect your virginity can bring back the shame of knowing you can’t get yours back. You start to get angry at yourself for making wrong decisions, followed by angry at the speaker for rubbing it in. It’s too hard to hear their optimism about the real beauty of chastity knowing that you haven’t been living that way.

It feels like chastity can’t possibly apply to you – you already messed that one up, it’s too late for you, right? Wrong! Chastity is NOT the same thing as virginity. Virginity is a simple, yes/no matter of biology. Chastity is a LIFESTYLE – one which looks to the future rather than the past, and can be chosen at any point, regardless of what’s happened before.

So, here are five reasons why choosing chastity DOESN’T depend on whether you’re a virgin…

1 The Lost Sheep

Even when you’ve stopped making your boyfriend or girlfriend pursue you emotionally by making the relationship too physical, Jesus is still pursuing you – whether you know it or not. He will NEVER give up on you.

2 The Prodigal Son

It’s so easy to be intimidated by people who have been ‘successful’ in retaining their virginity, or to feel inferior to them. But your Father doesn’t love you any less than them. He is just waiting to welcome you back to Him with open arms!

3 The Cross

Jesus sacrificed his life to take away your sins. Not just for humanity, but for YOU personally. 2,000 years before you even existed He made your pain His pain, and He wants to do the same today. Our God isn’t a tyrant, He’s a God of mercy, forgiveness and abundant grace.

4 Original Sin

When Adam and Eve chose the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge over their relationship with God, they allowed sin to enter into human nature. For that reason not one person is without sin. I’m not going to pretend that it doesn’t break His heart a little every time one of His children slips up, but God knows it happens, and He’s got it covered. Which leads us into…

5 The Sacrament of Reconciliation

The beautiful thing about Confession is that, by the grace of God, your sins are completely absolved. When you’re truly repentant about your sin, God makes it like it never happened. He can take away your past mistakes, your guilt and your shame – meaning it’s NEVER too late to repent and start afresh. The choice to leave behind your unchaste past and live chastely in the future can be made at any time.

When you eventually meet your future spouse, sure you’ll have to have the conversation where you explain your history, but that can either be along the lines of “After I gave in once I didn’t see any way back, so I kept giving in”, or it can go a little more like this: “I made a mistake in not waiting for you, I know that now, but I’m not that person any more. From X point on I decided that you were worth more than my old way of life.”

As Jason Evert said: “Don’t be afraid that a good guy wouldn’t love you because of your past. If he defines you by your past, he isn’t that good a guy.”

Have you made a decision you regret? Take it to the cross, leave it there, and start again today. Reconciliation really can lift that weight you’ve been carrying around.