15 Fun ways to fundraise for World Youth Day

As WYD gets ever-closer, here are 15 fun and diverse ideas you may like to try to raise money for the pilgrimage!

1. Baby Sitting

Advertise around the parish and look after a parish member’s children for an hour or more; they get an evening free and you get funding for the pilgrimage – everyone wins!

2. Dog Walking


Help out busy neighbours, friends, parish members, family etc. by walking their dogs; its regular and healthy!

3. Car Boot Sale

Carboot sale

Have you got any spare items, clothes etc. you no longer need? Car boot sales can be found everywhere and the internet is a great place to find the nearest one to you.

4. Busking


Get together with some friends and your instruments and play a bit of live music on the street. Most places may require you to have a permit to perform – check the internet for details – but with a good routine it’s a good laugh and can raise your funds very quickly. Ask your priest and maybe you could do some after Mass one week.

5. Sponsored Hike/Walk/Ironman/Mud run (or other sports activity)


Personally my favourite on the list! The internet has loads of scheduled events you can get signed up to that help to motivate you and bring in funds, or you can arrange your own like a sponsored hop to every landmark of London!

6. Charity Culture Night


As a Church family, we all come from diverse cultural backgrounds and what better way to celebrate this by having a charity night that celebrates this. Choose the culture you want to celebrate and share cultural dishes, dances, language, favourite or traditional sports etc. with your parish as a whole. It takes a bit of planning but with so many cultures you can do several different nights and other parishioners love to get involved and help out. Apart from anything else it has a very WYD feel to it!

7. Bake Sale

Bake Sale

Bake some cakes, muffins, pies and sell for profit!

8. Charity Dance


A disco, a ceili, a swing dance night, a barn dance etc. Put on some food, have some music or get a band to play. Ask to use the parish hall or find one nearby; a great social evening and you can sell the tickets for funds.

9. Bag-Packing

Bag Packing

Ask your local supermarket if you can hold a bag-packing day. It’s a great way to provide a service to the local community while raising your funds.

10. Bacon Sandwiches after Mass

Bacon Sandwich

Everyone loves a bacon sandwich and Sunday is the best day of the week. Why not combine the two and ask the parish if after Mass you can sell some sandwiches. Everyone’s happiness is increased and the smell of freshly cooked bacon will help draw ever more people to your stall!

11. Tea/Coffee Morning

Tea Coffee

Ask your priest for a day to do it and have tea and biscuit morning.

12. Car Wash

world youth day fundraising

Clean your family’s, friends’ and community’s cars for money. You can either ask them personally or ask the priest if you can do it in the parish car park while having a tea and coffee morning/ afternoon in the parish hall for the people while they wait.

13. Arts and Crafts fair

Arts and Crafts

Put your creative talents into action and sell your works of art at a craft fair. You can hold your own or find one close by online.

14. Beat the goalie

Beat Goalie

Score against the goalie and get a sweet. You can ask the parish to do it after Mass or, if you’re in school, you can ask the head teacher if you can do it one break time.

15. Guess who the baby is (from photos)

Guess The Baby

Have a board with baby pictures of different members of your group and a board of pictures of them now. People must match up the pictures and if they get them all right they get a reward. A good laugh and you could even get the parish priest involved!