Current Missionaries


Hi, my name is Veronika Buláková and I come from a country which is in the heart of Europe. *Drum roll* Yes! I am from Slovakia. I am 25 years old. I am a 2nd year volunteer missionary at SPEC. I really enjoy laughing with young people, for the joy of the Lord is our strength (Nehemiah 8,10). Living in a community means that I get to share my days with people who have the same love I have for Jesus, but who also share in my struggles; people with whom I can share my love for music or my favourite foods (like cakes, chocolates and coffee). It means that I get to spend a lot of time with Jesus in the chapel, which is only a couple of doors down from my bedroom; and I get to spend the rest of my days talking with young people about Jesus. And well, these things just fill me up with immense joy.


Hi, my name’s Dorota, I am a 27 year old volunteer missionary and I come from Slovakia and its crazy lively capital Bratislava. I worked actively with young people around my teens and twenties, but it became rather sporadic at university, where I realized how much I miss active work with youth and how close it is to my heart. When I heard about SPEC, the idea of living with ministry team and Jesus in one house really appealed to me, as did it being a house of youth from all over Britain, where they can have fun, relax and meet God at the same time. Since I came here, I realized even more how much I love talking with young people about God’s love and his little miracles in our day-to-day lives, just as I love being infected by their endless positivism, inimitable sense of humor and incorrigible faith for the impossible. I am really looking forward to all the unknown that awaits me here, which could possibly also be you dear reader, when you decide to visit us in our house in Pinner, where we love to welcome everyone of goodwill. Bless you and see you around!:)


My name is Stan, I’m 24 and from Portsmouth on the south coast. My favourite thing about SPEC so far has been the variety of young people we’ve met: every day is different and we always have the opportunity to learn something new from them. I also love to play football with them—they embarrass me every time! Before coming to SPEC, I studied Business and Japanese at university and spent time teaching English in Spain. I’m really looking forward to encouraging the young people on their life of faith throughout the year.


Hello, my name is Patrick and I’m a 23 year old Welsh-Irish mix who’s lived in England, Ireland, America, Wales, and, most recently, Scotland. Before coming to SPEC I studied mathematics at university before switching to studying Religious Studies instead.  I enjoy reading, literally I will read anything, and sports, especially rugby.  However what I have enjoyed most about this year so far/am most looking forward to is being able to give a year totally to Christ, centred around prayer, to find him in and through the community of others, and the fact that Jesus is literally present just a few short meters away from us at any point in the day.


Hey there! My name’s Ariana I’m almost 23 years old and from Canberra, Australia. I’m so excited to be here at SPEC for 2018/19 just because I want to share the deep love of Jesus with all people I meet! I love music, cooking, getting to know people and of course vegemite toast!!


Hello, my name is Reeve D’Souza, I’m 24 years old and I’m from London. My favourite thing about SPEC is Adoration every day. I enjoy learning from the young people since they come from diverse backgrounds and journeys and it is a blessing to be able to hang out with them. I studied Chemistry at uni and worked as a Food Chemist. I love learning about the faith every day and my favourite speaker is Peter Kreeft. Apart from that I enjoy a good kick about (I support Arsenal) and playing cricket.