School Years 9-11

Fresh Start

“I shall give you a new heart, and put a new spirit in you…” (Ezek 36:26)

In such a busy and chaotic world, this retreat gives us a chance to pause as we take a look into how we can have a ‘Fresh Start’ that is centred in Christ.

First we must start with the foundations of our faith: What is our faith? Why do we believe what we believe? What does having a firm foundation in Christ look like? From there we can learn to re-build and turn our focus towards Jesus, who brings us new life and puts a new spirit in us through His mercy. Equipped with a firm foundation and knowledge of God’s great love for us, it is then time to take a leap of faith and say ‘YES’ to Him by standing up for our faith and living our everyday lives as authentic witnesses.

OPTIONS: Residential retreat for up to 32 pupils or Day retreat for up to 32 pupils