Come Follow Me

Focus: Discipleship

This retreat will allow the confirmation candidates an opportunity to reflect on what it means for them to make a personal response to Jesus’ call to discipleship – to ‘come, follow me’ – in today’s world.

General retreat concept:

The retreat will be rooted in the scripture verse from Matthew’s Gospel.

‘He said to them, come follow me and I will make you fishers of men.’ Matt. 4:19

Jesus spoke these words of invitation to the first disciples. These words are every bit as relevant and alive today as they were in this first account. Jesus, through the sacramental life of the Church continues to invite us to Himself, to intimately know and follow Him. He lovingly and generously continues to trust us to share in the ministry of His Church, to serve Him for a purpose and to witness the transformational power of His love in our lives and the lives of others. We have seen throughout scripture and through the lives of the faithful that by authentically and humbly responding to this call can have a powerful impact on the world and on human history.

This retreat will be anchored in the Lord’s invitation to follow Him. And will focus on the personal nature of this call, as each confirmation candidate has been called ‘by name’ and called ‘for a purpose’. The candidates will consider the individual giftedness that God has given them and what it means that these gifts be used to point others toward God.

Possible links to parish confirmation programme:

  • The candidates will reflect on being “called by name” at baptism and confirmation.
  • They will explore that they are also “called for a purpose” and that God will equip them for this purpose through the unique individual talents they have as well as the empowering gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • Confirmation candidates will consider the call of Jesus to discipleship and their personal response to this call.

OPTION: Residential retreat for up to 32 pupils