The St. Joan of Arc Residential Complex

SPEC residential complex from the outside

Our residential complex

Our new residential complex, named after the young St. Joan of Arc, was completed in Autumn 2017, and was officially opened by Cardinal Vincent Nichols on 3 October 2017.

The complex was built in our gardens, where it is beautifully cut off from surrounding roads, ensuring a quiet haven for all those who visit.

Although it is a modern building, its green wooden panelling complements the gardens that surround it.

The building consists of two floors: the lower floor is dedicated to meeting and retreat spaces, including our dining hall, while the upper floor is the accommodation area.

The St. Joan of Arc Residential Complex (or “The Arc” for short) is also divided into two wings, the left and right wings. Each wing houses one large meeting room, and three smaller meeting rooms, and is equipped for hosting a retreat of 32 people at a time.

Main Meeting Room

SPEC residential complex main meeting room

Each wing in The Arc has one main meeting room. This room is equipped with audio-visual equipment, including a projector.

Dining Room

SPEC residential complex dining room

The dining room is a great space for recreation thanks to its lovely view of the garden. The dining hall also has a tea point for supervising staff and small lounging area.

Small Group Rooms

SPEC residential complex small group room

Each small group room is fitted with sofas, chairs or beanbags and a wide screen TV for audiovisuals. The natural light, comfy seating and homey feel make small group rooms a great place for discussions and unwinding for retreatants.


SPEC residential complex accommodation

The residential complex includes two dormitories – each dormitory has 18 beds and adjacent bathrooms.

SPEC residential complex accommodation

It also includes 4 en-suite bedrooms for 2 people (each room having 1 bunk bed), and 10 en-suite bedrooms for 4 people (each room having 2 bunk beds).

This places our accommodation wing at a maximum capacity of 85 people.

An enabled bedroom is also available.