Who’s who at SPEC

Who’s who at SPEC Sept 2018 – July 2019

The majority of staff and volunteer missionaries here at SPEC actually live on site and form the SPEC Community. Other members of SPEC – administrative, catering, housekeeping and maintenance staff – live off-site but are just as much part of the the team here that makes SPEC.

Leadership Team >

Andrzej Wdowiak – Director of Youth Ministry
Maria West – SPEC Manager
Sara Rhodes – Administration and Operations Manager
JJ Hussem – Retreat and Formation Manager
Fr Mark Walker – Diocesan Youth Chaplain

Retreat Leaders >

Milán Póka
Sarah Edejer
Anthony Bradnum
Vanessa Speary

Volunteer Missionaries >

Ariana Strmota
Dorota Kubovicsová
Patrick MacGinnis
Reeve D’Souza
Stanley Sayer
Veronika Buláková

Operations Staff

Michael Mclnerney – Chef
Samantha Demascio – Kitchen Assistant
Christina Fritz – Housekeeper
Veronica Boisson – Housekeeper
Kevin Munday – Caretaker
Simon Rodgers – Groundskeeper