Jesus said to them“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” Mark 6:31


Our retreats offer young people an opportunity to get to know God, themselves and each other in a deeper way. During their time with us, the young people will take part in a wide range of activities, both assembled together and in a small group setting, all designed to create an environment in which to encounter Jesus in a new way.

A retreat typically includes:

  • Guided Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
  • Movie Night
  • Discussions
  • Holy Mass
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Team building
  • Self-reflection
  • Small Group Activities

We normally cater for residential retreats (two nights or more), although we are open to day retreats under special circumstances.

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The following retreats are bespoke made and delivered by our Retreat Team for different sorts of groups:

Holy Communion ‘Bread of life’’

This retreat helps young people to deepen their understanding of the Eucharist and the Holy Mass

Confirmation ‘Come Holy Spirit’

This retreat helps young people to understand how they can put the gifts of the Holy Spirit into practice in everyday life.

Year 5 ‘Life to the Full’

This Retreat helps young people understand the various aspects of the Holy Mass by exploring different types of prayer, the scriptures and the meaning of the Eucharist.

Year 6 ‘The Lord is my Strength’

This retreat focuses on how we can overcome life’s challenges with God on our side.

Year 7: ‘Follow Me’

This retreat helps the young people to get to know Jesus in a more personal way and understand the concept of being a disciple in order to be able to respond to His call ‘Follow Me’.

Year 8: ‘Chosen’

This retreat helps the young people to discover that God created the world for a purpose, everyone is created to be loved and to love and that Jesus chooses each of them as an individual with a desire to have a relationship with them.

Year 9: ‘Called By Name’ 

This retreat helps the young people explore God’s love for us from creation.

Year 10: ‘Calm My Storms’

This retreat helps the young people to explore how to find peace in their life through prayer, reflection and building a relationship with God.

Year 11: ‘Firm Foundations’

This retreat equips the young people with the tools to help them build their life on Christ by discovering different types of prayer and learning from the examples of saints.

Sixth Form: ‘The Great Commission’

This retreat helps the young people respond to the final commission of Christ, to spread the Gospel and make disciples of all nations.

If you have a particular theme in mind for your school or parish retreat, please do get in touch with and we will work together to create the best programme for your group.

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