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This section is primarily for parish youth workers and those involved in organising groups of young people. You may be a youth worker or leader, or perhaps just a regular young person who wants to start something in their school or parish. Whatever your situation, this Catholic youth work Resources archive is full of ideas for activities, games, praying etc. Use our filter tool below if you’re looking for something in particular. Please bear in mind that many of our resources can be used outside of the designated age range or theme, these are simply here to give you a rough guide!

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Picture Relay

An image is placed at one end of the room. The group is split into teams and try to recreate the image on paper – the most accurate drawing wins.


Under Over

A team race where groups must pass a ball either over their heads or between their legs. The challenge is to be the fastest to pass the ball down a line in this manner.


Do this, Do that

Similar to ‘Simon says’, Do this, do that works great with any size group. When an action is done and you say “do this” they must follow it, when you do an action saying “do that” they must not do it.


Egg Toss

Egg Toss is a fun race where you paint an egg and then race it down the hill by tossing it down as fast as possible without causing it to crack!


Back to Base

A base is decided and young people must run away and hid. They must then try and get back to base a quick as possible without getting caught. This game is great for outdoor fun.


Choose your base

A large group game that is great for lower secondary school young people and primary school. This game is great requires very little set up but does require a bit of space.



A large group game that works well for focusing a group in an active way. Jockeys works with any age and any number, as long as you have space!


Cheerleader Rock/Paper/Scissors

Rock/Paper/Scissors on a large scale with a twist. Every time someone loses a game, they must then become the winners cheering supporter.