Welcome to our Catholic youth work Resources archive!

This section is primarily for parish youth workers and those involved in organising groups of young people. You may be a youth worker or leader, or perhaps just a regular young person who wants to start something in their school or parish. Whatever your situation, this Catholic youth work Resources archive is full of ideas for activities, games, praying etc. Use our filter tool below if you’re looking for something in particular. Please bear in mind that many of our resources can be used outside of the designated age range or theme, these are simply here to give you a rough guide!

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Garbage Art

The group must recycle bits of rubbish to create a piece of art.


God’s Chisel

A skit on God’s love for us and the reconciliation he wants to grant us. Great for older teen audiences.


Graffiti Prayer Wall

The Graffiti Wall is brilliant for helping those with a passion for art express themselves to God in a way that is most meaningful to them.


Group Transformers

Have the group put their imagination and teamwork to the test as they create scenes and items using only their bodies.


Human Knot

Testing their problem-solving and teamwork abilities, the young people must untangle themselves from one another.


Irish Snap

A fast-paced card game that’s a fun twist on the traditional version of this game.


Leading Pass the candle

A simple prayer where the group is given the option to pray about anything they want to when they are given the candle.


Leading the Rosary

The Rosary is a beautiful way to meditate on the Life of Jesus, and to ask for Mary’s intercession.


Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina is one of the oldest forms of prayer and helps us to engage with scripture.


Letter from God

A collection of Bible quotes which read as a letter from God the Father to you his beloved Child.


Liturgical Decorations Arts and Crafts

This is a great way to get the young people to enter into the liturgical season and contribute to either the Church or their families’ celebration of the period.



A roleplay game where the group must catch and execute the mafia before the mafia takes over.


Magic Bamboo

Simple in theory, an intense challenge in practice, can you bring the floating bamboo down to earth?