Youth Leader Network

What it’s all about

We believe that on a young person’s journey to spiritual maturity there is no better place for their development than the parish community and the family home. It is in these settings that young people not only hear what it is to be Catholic but see it actively played out before them and can join in this mission. Youth workers play a pivotal role in helping young people feel part of the parish.

Join us

The Youth Leader Network offers a number of benefits, including: opportunities for training, networking, socials, event discounts and retreats.

Youth Leader Network group on Facebook >


  1. Read our Online Guide for starting a parish young group.
  2. Become a youth worker in your parish. More on Parish Youth Leader >
  3. Join the Youth Leader Network.
  4. Host The Summit – our main Outreach programme for helping young people encounter Christ in the Eucharist. Get in touch with us and we can help you set it up. More on The Summit >
  5. Organise a parish retreat at our SPEC Retreat Centre. We offer both day and residential retreats. More on our Retreats >
  6. Invite your young people to volunteer for a year as a missionary at our SPEC Retreat Centre. This is a great programme for developing the faith and skills of those who volunteer, as well as an opportunity for them to help thousands of other young people who visit us on retreat. More on Mission Year >
  7. Involve your young people in one of our pilgrimages – most notably the annual diocesan pilgrimage to Walsingham and World Youth Day. Upcoming pilgrimages can be found on our Events page >
  8. If they are aged 18+, bring your young people to Resonate >
  9. Provide opportunities for confession and spiritual direction to support your young people as they grow in their relationship with Christ.
  10. Start a Bible study group. These are a fairly common feature and many parishes run formation classes of one sort or another.
  11. Start a support group for various addictions and unhealthy habits that some of the young people might have in your parish.
  12. Encourage young people to attend already established groups. This strategy works best when there are already one or more people they know in those groups. The average age of those attending a group is not necessarily a deterrent if the young person feels connected to them. This has the additional benefit of strengthening cross-generational bonds in the parish. Key to this strategy working is the personal invitation to them to join and the investment of group members in the young people of the parish at the connection stage.