The Summit

Suitable for:

Confirmation programmes, General youth group evenings, Prayer evenings.

We believe that an encounter with Christ is life-changing and that the Church’s traditions and loving community are the best tools for helping us find this.

It is out of this desire to give young people an encounter with the divine, and involve them deeper in a community that loves and respects them, that The Summit was born.

What is The Summit?

The Summit is Westminster Youth Ministry’s main in-house diocesan event for young Catholics from 14-18 years old.

It’s a chance for young people in the diocese to meet other young Catholics, share a meal together, learn more about their faith and be introduced to a deeper level of prayer and adoration.

The event is free and does not require a ticket. So please come along and encourage your friends, families, classes, youth groups, confirmation groups and whoever else to join us for what is a great evening of fun and faith.

When and where is The Summit?

The Summit takes places about once a month in a parish in the diocese. It aims to bring people from across the community together for an evening’s celebration.

To see when the next evenings will be happening check out our Events page >

Typical timetable for The Summit

The following is what guests can typically expect to happen The Summit.

7:00: Welcome

7:10: Food is served

7:40: Icebreaker activity/game

8:00: Move up to the church

8:05: Band leader briefly introduces praise and worship

8:06: Modern worship music

8:20: Witness or Proclaim on theme of the day

8:30: Introduction into Adoration and exposition with music

8:40: Quiet music with reflection questions

8:50: Final celebration song with the Sacrament followed by reposing of the Eucharist

9:00: Departure


“What an evening! It was great , well organized and joyful. The youngsters responded well – especially in church. Well done to everyone involved.” Fr Michael, Stanmore Parish Priest and Dean

“I have been catechist in the Parish for 14 years but to see the energy, adoration and testimony of the Youth Ministry team was enlightening and moving and certainly adoration of the Blessed Sacrament was such a powerful and reverent experience.” Deirdre, Bishop’s Stortford

“Thank you all very much for all you did for our young people. I know it’s all God’s work, but you all let Him work very powerfully through you. Well done. I liked your relaxed attitude and your testimony was stunning; the kids were really attentive as your story was so humble and you focused it back on the Lord rather than yourself. You’ve re-engaged these kids in their faith. Thanks for all you’ve done – hopefully when you arrive in heaven you’ll see some of these kids there because of what the Lord has done through you all tonight. God bless.” Mike, Stevenage

What can I do between celebrations?

Between celebrations, we aim to support the fantastic work being done in parishes like your own. If you want to start a group in your parish, we can help! Contact us and we will try our best to guide you through the process of starting your own group and supporting you afterwards.

Additionally, don’t forget to regularly receive the sacraments and get involved with your wider parish community; it is investment here where you will find the most growth!