At Westminster Youth Ministry, we’re aware that forming partnerships and working together helps us all achieve more. That’s why we’re pleased to have partnerships with the following great people.

Chastity Project

We live in an age when knowledge about pure, loving relationships is in scarce supply in popular culture. What better antidote than the amazing people at Chastity Project, who have provided us with great content for our Relationships section.

Edwin Fawcett

Music has a powerful and unique way of drawing people closer to the divine, and Edwin has a unique talent in creating beautiful songs that call to mind the eternal. We’ve been delighted to have him on board as the leader of our Music Ministry programme.

CTS Publishing

At the core of everything we do is our Catholic faith. And what better source to present the teachings and doctrine of the Church than the official UK publishers to the Holy See. CTS provide us with illuminating content for our Catholicism section.

Aid to the Church in Need

Christians are the most persecuted group of people in the world. In an age of so much hardship for our brothers and sisters in Christ, Aid to the Church in Need do life-saving work around the world. We’re privileged to have them provide us with news stories of their work.