Resonate w/ Joe Fava


  • DateTuesday 8 February
  • Time19:00
  • LocationVaughan House, 46 Francis St, London, SW1P 1QN
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About the event

‘Partakers in the Divine Nature: the Call to Sainthood’

St Peter tells us ‘become partakers in the divine nature’ (2 Peter 1:4). This Resonate session will explore the call to partake in the divine nature through the teachings of the Church and appeal to the lives of the Saints, discussing implications for us today.⁣

Session led by Joe Fava, who lives and works in Cor et Lumen Christi community, has a degree in biology and is currently studying theology at St Mary’s.

Resonate is Westminster Youth Ministry’s primary event for young adult Catholics aged 18-35, looking to explore and learn more about their faith.