Relit – unleash your parish’s potential


About the event

Relit helps you take a step back to look at your parish life and ministries with a new lens, a renewed perspective.

You will learn how to take the good work you are already doing and discover how these ministries can be more effective.

Even seemingly everyday events, like offering coffee and donuts, can be transformed into opportunities to evangelize!


Session 1: What is (the new) evangelization? Having clarity on our mission and on the terms we are using.

Session 2: The Cycle of Evangelization  – A tool for evaluating where people are at in the process of being evangelized and how we can address their current state.


Session 3: Thresholds – Expands upon Session 2, with a focus on pre-conversion.

Session 4: Transcendentals – How truth/goodness/beauty are the voices of God and thus pathways to conversion. Evaluating our ministry in light of these so that the Good News is proclaimed in a “language” each person can hear.


Session 5: The Kerygma – What is the basic Gospel message, how can we explain it, and what resources can be used to communicate it effectively?

Session 6: Genesis Model/Parish Teams – A effective and simple model for sharing faith one-on-one.


Session 7: Why evangelize – An inspirational presentation of why this matters and should be at heart of all that we do.

The sessions will be about 40 minutes each and will generally include a presentation, time for Q&A and a couple of small group discussions.