Catholic Imagination Retreat


About the event

A retreat for young adults taking place this summer, run by Bon Secours Young Adults.

Catholics live in an enchanted world, a world of statues and holy water, stained glass and votive candles, saints and religious medals, rosary beads and holy pictures. But these Catholic paraphernalia are mere hints of a deeper and more pervasive religious sensibility which inclines Catholics to see the Holy lurking in creation. As Catholics, we find our houses and our world haunted by a sense that the objects, events and persons of daily life are revelations of grace.

This retreat will challenge you to wrestle with your Catholic imagination. Through a series of studios—facilitated by the leadership team—you will have the opportunity to pray through perhaps new and creative ways to encounter God—in community, and in yourself.

Cost is a suggested donation of £50 per person.

To book your place, please visit here >