The 21 Martyrs of 2015

When we think of martyrs, we think of people from many years ago standing up for their faith against tyrannical regimes confined to the annals of history.

Saint Olga of Kiev: A Converted Warrior

Saint Olga’s story shows the depths and heights of human morality. Every person is capable of both great evil and great love and Olga shows both of these at their most extreme.

Saint Lawrence: Heroic to the end

St Lawrence, deacon, lover of the poor, heroic martyr. A man of immense bravery and strength in life and up to the point of death.

Saint Stephen: The First Martyr

That people were so filled with God’s love that they’d rather die than give up the faith they’d gained speaks volumes about its value.

Saint Moses the Black

A saint for our times, Moses used to be a violent man of revenge, but turned to a path of non-violence.