How Natural Family Planning works

Natural Family Planning encourages other ways of showing love and affection to one another and puts fertility back into the hands of the couple.

What is NaProTechnology?

NaProTechnology (Natural Procreative Technology) is a women’s health science that monitors and maintains a woman’s reproductive and gynecological health. It provides medical and surgical treatments that cooperate completely with the reproductive system. This science forms the bases of Natural Family Planning (NFP) which is a fertility awareness that allows a couple to read and understand the body’s signs of fertility.

Although it’s often linked to achieving or avoiding pregnancies, its benefits are not limited to this. NaProTechnology is about women’s health and helping women to understand their bodies, and cycles. It can help pick up on host of medical issues that otherwise might be undetected.

How does it work?

The basics are that every woman has a cycle. It can be individual to her in terms of timings, but there are natural cycles of fertility that the menstrual cycle go through.

In a woman with regular cycles, the cycle begins with the onset of menstruation. As this finishes, there is generally no discharge and the women observes this as ‘dry’. As ovulation approaches, there becomes apparent a cervical mucus that begins as a sticky, cloudy or tacky-cloudy discharge and eventually becomes clear, stretchy or lubricative. The last day of the mucus discharge, it is it clear, stretchy or lubricate is identified as the peak day. This mucus production correlates with rising levels of estrogen and the peak day is correlated with ovulation.

By monitoring mucus levels, we can understand the body’s natural rhythm and cycle, and because it uses biological methods, is very versatile to the woman using it. Because it relies of events leading up to ovulation, it defines the times of fertility and infertility in definitive day-by-day prospective fashion. Previously difficult cases such as long or irregular cycles, breast feeding, or coming off contraceptive pills can all be dealt with in a positive way.

It’s worth noting now, you do need to learn how to do this from someone who is a trained practitioner. It doesn’t take long, but you do need time to talk though your personal chart which someone who can help you to identify what’s going on in your cycle.

Does it work?

Yes. There are many studies that show how effective this system is. It does require work from both partners, but it is effective because it works with what the body is already naturally doing. It’s a much more holistic and healthy approach.

Effectiveness of Natural Family Planning (See for more)
Effectiveness of Natural Family Planning (See for more)

Is it all on the woman?

No. The effectiveness of NFP is highest when both partners are willing to engage with the method of charting and abstaining. It looks mostly on the woman because in most cases the man is always naturally fertile, and the woman is naturally only fertile for a few days per month. However, this fertility care can also include levels of male fertility, and effective ways to respond to that.

Additionally, many NFP studies all talk about how using such methods of family planning are healthy for marriages because they require continual conversation, an understanding of our bodies and fertility and respect for one another. They encourage other ways of showing love and affection to one another and put fertility back into the hands of the couple, rather than placing the burden on one partner.

Where can I find out more?

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