A-R-R-R: A simple format for prayer


Designed to be a way of praying that helps us to come to God open-heartily and as we are. This prayer style is both beneficial to do by itself or along with other styles.

How it works

The A-R-R-R style of prayer is a four step form of prayer that work as follows:

Acknowledge: At the start of your prayer, take time to first acknowledge the presence of God within and around you. Focus your mind on the fact that God is here with you and gradually become aware of his presence in the room.

Next, acknowledge how you are in your life. What is going on?  What is moving in your heart?

Relate: After having acknowledged how you are doing and what is consuming your attention, explain (relate) this to God. Share honestly and openly, speaking as yourself, not worrying about being formal with the words.

Receive: Once you have expressed what is consuming your thoughts spend time in inner silence listening to what God is doing with the movements of your heart. Receive his presence and the constancy of his love.

Respond: As we experience the love of God and his gentle guidance, our hearts become enthused with renewed vigour and understanding. The final stage of prayer is spending time in this moment of clarity discerning how to move forward with life.