Merry Christmas from Palestine!

Rula sends us a special Christmas message from the Holy Land, wishing everyone a blessed season and for our hearts to be filled with love, peace and mercy.

Reflections on the Holy Land

Phil reflects on his experience as a pilgrim in the Holy Land, talking about how being there has given him fresh insight into the life of Jesus and the Gospel.

Holy Land Highlights

Since returning to England from the Holy Land, I’ve been able to spend a few days recovering from that non-stop, action-packed adventure. After much sleeping, it’s back to work and┬áreflecting on that incredible pilgrimage to the land of Jesus.

Solidarity with Beit Sahour

Standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Palestine, today was a powerful and moving experience.

A shining star over Bethlehem

A day full of joy, visiting the young people at the School of Joy and a wonderful Mass and reception in the evening!

Back to the Beginning

We return to where it all began… Bethlehem! In the land where God became man, we trace the story of both our past and present, in unity with our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

You redeemed the World

Via Dolorosa, Ecce Homo arch, Church of Resurrection, Latin Patriarchate, Dormition Abbey, St. Peter’s in Gallicantu and arrival into Bethlehem.

An Extraordinary Day

Mass in a desert, the River Jordan, the Dead Sea, Western Wall and much more!

Entering the City of Peace

The Holy Land youth pilgrimage now makes its way to Jerusalem – a city steeped in history and important to Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Onwards to Nazareth

Read all about our trip to Cana, Mount Tabor and Nazareth, as we complete our second full day in the Holy Land!