World Youth Day

Pope Francis with young pilgrims at the Final Mass at World Youth Day Krakow 2016 (Photo: WYM)

World Youth Day is an incredible, life-changing experience! Nowhere else in the world is there an event where millions of young people, from every corner of the planet, come together to celebrate their faith. It’s an event that started 30 years ago by Saint John Paul II and has been a source for awakening something exciting deep within the hearts of many pilgrims who go – a desire to know the meaning of their lives, to know their purpose in life. Life is seen with new eyes, illuminated by the light of God’s love!

We know that being a young Catholic can sometimes be a somewhat isolating experience; there aren’t many other people my age in the parish, and so on. It’s easy to think that the Catholic Church is irrelevant and on its way out. But World Youth Day smashes that thinking to pieces.

To be surrounded by millions of other young Catholics is so empowering. And it helps us see what life could be like back home; that the Catholic way is the way forward.

Make friends with people from around the world; share with them your stories, your experience of the Catholic faith; listen to them; celebrate with them; pray together. You’re young only once, so make the most of World Youth Day and live it out to the max, as it is intended to be.

You are alive, at this time and place, to be a witness to the awesome love of the One who created the universe. So live your life in full colour, unafraid of the future and joyful in the knowledge that your existence is a miracle and one that matters. Have a great time at World Youth Day!

Panama 2019

The next World Youth Day will be in Panama, in July 2019.